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Interactive Wall System for Interactive Advertising Solution

One of RichTech’s many areas of specialization is in the field of interactive advertising. Multimedia advertising is a great way to add a little bit of spice and innovation to a traditional advertising campaign. Most importantly, interactive advertis

55 Inches of Wow: The New, Customized, Four Sided Hologram Display

In a highly technological society, people want to remain up to date with not only their products, but also the way they feature them to an audience. A customized, 55-inch, four sided hologram showcase will do just that. Using only the most recent

RichTech Introduces the Remarkable 46” Touch Transparent Showcase

RichTech has introduced a new modern transparent showcase that offers both size and flexibility in order to highlight any product you may wish to promote. This showcase uses a transparent LCD that is 46” wide. This is an excellent size to attract ind

Shelf Virtual Presenter Gives Products the Ability to Talk and Play

The Shelf Virtual Presenter is a customized product made for a specific client who asked RichTech to provide a marketing solution. Using a mini projector and some projection display film, this product gives a business a ability to turn a product that

New LCD Interactive Bar Product

Richtech Systems has recently finished development on the interactive LCD bar. This product features an LCD screen in the place of projectors with a computer installed underneath of the bar to control the LCD display. This newly released product is o