RichTech System Ltd is an experienced, professional interactive multimedia company with over a decade of experience in the business, offering a wide range of different multi-media products and services, which include interactive floor, wall, and bar, as well as hologram showcases and multi touch system etc. These products are applicable to a range of different businesses, improving the revenue of your business.

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  • Here Found Xmas Best Promotion Product

    Thu,01 December 2016
    Mobile Version Interactive Floor System, can be placed directly on floor instead of on ceiling. Easily transported anywhere you need it, assembles without tools. You earned 30% OFF on Dec.1st - Dec.31st. Mo...

  • Virtual Reality Opens Eyes and Brings People Together

    Fri,25 November 2016
    RichTech sucessful organized an event of a lifetime - Doraemon IP Show, which use its own independent technology and obtained authorization from Japan, to provide customers with an unprecedented interactiv...

  • Express Yourself with Little Effort - Retractable Virtual Presenter

    Tue,25 October 2016
    Chances are, in advertising you may have come across these four points: 1)Representation 2)Sales 3)Operational Cost 4)Return on Investment RichTech captured all of these into one simple piece of method...

  • New Trends in Wedding Receptions

    Tue,11 October 2016
    Wedding receptions can be traditional, or they can be full of unique twists and surprises! There’s no written rule that every part of your wedding has to be traditional, including the flowers, décor, food, ...

  • Smart Strategies to Grow Your Business

    Tue,06 September 2016
    With the cooperation of one of the top four Fund Companies in the USA and RichTech a brand new market can be applied for the Roll up Projection Banner: Talent Recruitment. Using the combination of the ...

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RichTech is skilled in multimedia solutions and innovations, with many different interactive multimedia products that help people show off their brands and entertain customers.

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Our service is based on our commitment to customers’ satisfaction. Through our extensive network as well as ...
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We assist in any technical questions you may have. RichTech is dedicated to providing the best-in-class ...

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