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25/01/16Customized Game Effects for Kinect Showcase RichTech’s Versatility

A Hong Kong client asked RichTech to customize products for a pair of game effects that they could use in a targeted manner within their business. RichTech was only too happy to do this, and the result is the RichTech Kinect effect, which meets all o

13/11/15RichTech Showcase Nanjing Travel Resources with New Multimedia Solutions

Nanjing is one of the greatest travel destinations in the world, but more people need to know why this is such a nice place to go. To aid a client in promoting this area and providing a helpful travel resource, RichTech developed a new interactive mu

16/06/15RichTech’s New LighTower Series Provides Advertising with Digital Style

RichTech has recently unveiled its new LighTower product, which is a stylish LED signage display that can dramatically change the way companies do their advertising. The product has two series, each of which are designed to meet the unique needs of m

10/06/15RichTech Presents Brand New Projection Sphere System

A brand new RichTech system has been developed to fill interactive needs. Called the Projection Sphere, this innovative new device provides 360 degree graphics that can give potential customers something new and exciting to take an interest in.

02/06/15RichTech Presents Groundbreaking New Magnetic Floating Display

An Australian client asked the designers at RichTech to come up with an interesting way to showcase their product, and the result is the Magnetic Floating Shoe Display. By utilizing scientific principles of electromagnetism and suspension, the Magnet