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06/05/16The Interactive Sand Table - Newest Addition to RichTech’s Lineup of Interactive Solutions

A client of ours recently approached us about developing a new application for our interactive system. The client wanted a solution that added more physical interaction to the traditional form of digital displays. As a company that is always looking

02/02/16RichTech’s Popular Interactive Floor Gets a Revolutionary Upgrade

RichTech has recently created a Mobile Version of its popular interactive floor. This upgrade provides all the entertainment and convenience of the previous model with a number of revolutionary new innovations. The entire device can now be positioned

25/01/16Customized Game Effects for Kinect Showcase RichTech’s Versatility

A Hong Kong client asked RichTech to customize products for a pair of game effects that they could use in a targeted manner within their business. RichTech was only too happy to do this, and the result is the RichTech Kinect effect, which meets all o

13/11/15RichTech Showcase Nanjing Travel Resources with New Multimedia Solutions

Nanjing is one of the greatest travel destinations in the world, but more people need to know why this is such a nice place to go. To aid a client in promoting this area and providing a helpful travel resource, RichTech developed a new interactive mu

16/06/15RichTech’s New LighTower Series Provides Advertising with Digital Style

RichTech has recently unveiled its new LighTower product, which is a stylish LED signage display that can dramatically change the way companies do their advertising. The product has two series, each of which are designed to meet the unique needs of m