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30/12/14RichTech Creates Another Innovation with Smart Glass Film

RichTech has recently introduced a new smart glass product which will provide many potential marketing innovations for a variety of different businesses. The product is also known as intelligent dimming glass and privacy glass, both of which accurate

19/11/14RichTech Provides Custom Interactive Table with Touch Foil

At the request of a client, RichTech recently created a custom multi touch table for a night bar. This product was designed to meet the needs of a busy bar and to provide something unique that even other organizations with interactive tables lacked.

30/09/14RichTech Interactive Floor Technology Hits Burger King

Burger King, the second largest food chain in the world, recently took an interest in spicing up some of their restaurants with interactive floor technology. With the goal of making customers happier while they wait for their food, six chains in Mosc

19/06/14RICHTECH Roll Up Digital Banner: Saves Money. Saves Time. Saves Work!

At RichTech we provide you with the perfect tool to make an excellent revenue starting from today. With over 105 satisficed countries all over the world, it is the most effective, convenient and affordable way of advertising in the market at the mome

28/05/14New Effects of Interactive Projection

The many different interactive projection systems offered by RichTech provide a number of solutions to many industries. Recently, RichTech chose to expand the options available to its customers even further, giving a number of different interactive e