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01/04/15RichTech Introduces New Custom Half-Screen Roll Up Projection Banner

RichTech, the internationally-known creator of several popular interactive projection products, has recently added a new piece of technology to its library. The Half-Screen Roll Up Projection Banner is a custom product developed at the request of one

02/03/15RichTech Introduces Exciting New Four-Side Hologram Showcase

RichTech recently introduced a new product known as a 4-side hologram showcase, which may revolutionize the way companies promote their brands. The client, Infinite Production, requested an integrated holographic platform that utilizes the most advan

28/02/15NEW Management System for Interactive Floor System

Recently, in order to ensure that our clients feel easier and faster to operate the interactive floor system, our engineers developed a new management system. It is a brand-new management system, which will free our clients from a complicated operati

30/01/15RichTech Showcases New Innovative Technology at SGI Dubai

January 11th through the 13th saw the 18th annual SGI Dubai, and RichTech was on hand to showcase their latest interactive projection technologies to interested consumers. The SGI Dubai, which is the largest and longest running trade show for signage

30/12/14RichTech Creates Another Innovation with Smart Glass Film

RichTech has recently introduced a new smart glass product which will provide many potential marketing innovations for a variety of different businesses. The product is also known as intelligent dimming glass and privacy glass, both of which accurate