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19/06/14RICHTECH Roll Up Digital Banner: Saves Money. Saves Time. Saves Work!

At RichTech we provide you with the perfect tool to make an excellent revenue starting from today. With over 105 satisficed countries all over the world, it is the most effective, convenient and affordable way of advertising in the market at the mome

28/05/14New Effects of Interactive Projection

The many different interactive projection systems offered by RichTech provide a number of solutions to many industries. Recently, RichTech chose to expand the options available to its customers even further, giving a number of different interactive e

28/05/14RichTech Adds Infrared to the Virtual Presenter

The RichTech Virtual Presenter is a project combined with an acrylic-made interpreter that helps to promote a variety of products. Recently, a client asked for a customized version of the presenter, and RichTech was happy to help. The new product add

28/05/14RichTech Introduces Custom Virtual Fitting Mirror

Technology can make clothes shopping much easier than it used to be, and RichTech has taken a step to simplify the process even further. Using the Kinect system, the company has introduced a virtual fitting mirror that allows shoppers to try on cloth

28/05/14RichTech Customizes New 46” Advertising Touch Kiosk

RichTech has recently worked very closely with a client in the herb industry to develop something new and interesting. The result is a 46” advertising touch kiosk that can provide new advertising opportunities for this particular client. In addition