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Home News RichTech Interactive Floor Technology Hits Burger King
30/09/14RichTech Interactive Floor Technology Hits Burger King

Burger King Takes an Interest

Burger King, the second largest food chain in the world, recently took an interest in spicing up some of their restaurants with interactive floor technology. With the goal of making customers happier while they wait for their food, six chains in Moscow contacted RichTech about the possibilities of interactive projection units to make the process more entertaining. In addition to providing customers with a more enjoyable experience, this also served as a way to improve the restaurants’ popularity and boost sales. Here’s a look at what the interactive floor can do when it’s allowed to function at a large chain.

Burger King

Design and Installation Process

The first thing the RichTech installers did when evaluating the space where the interactive floor was to be installed was to suggest that the restaurants separate a room with aluminum alloy glass. This made for a more convenient experience for clients who were able to use all the features of the floor, while others who weren’t using the setup were able to carry on with their day as usual. The installers used the single size version of the interactive floor because it fit the area in question the best. Because the floors were spread out over a total of six different restaurants, it was important to figure out a way to get all the different systems to sync and update at the same time in order to maximize compatibility throughout the chains. The technicians designed a Sync Management system that did exactly that, providing the chains with the ability to control and update all subsystems at once. This meant that it became easy for all the restaurants to operate on the same schedule and to share features with one another when they needed to. By managing this sync system, the technicians increased overall functionality for everybody involved.

Separate A Room with Aluminum Alloy Glass

Separate A Room with Aluminum Alloy Glass

Effects Available in the Interactive System

The interactive floor provides a wide variety of different effects that Burger King was able to take advantage of. This includes control over the introduction to users and the effects available. The startup introduction and effects available are all user-defined, and the Burger King logo can be applied to any of these features in order to improve brand identity. There are a total of 156 interactive games in all, including options for both adult audiences and children. This means that anybody who happens into the restaurant might become intrigued by the floor, spending more time in the area and increasing the odds of them becoming a repeat customer. While the Burger King logo is something that can be recognized by most individuals across the world, individual chains can always use a little extra help when it comes to improving their presence and sales, especially in areas where a lot of other fast food restaurants provide competition. The interactive floor allows each Burger King that uses it to become more locally popular and show off unique features that most other competitors do not have. In short, it’s a great way to dramatically improve business.

Meeting Client Needs and Providing Future Opportunities

RichTech is always looking for interesting new challenges and ways to improve overall use for a wide variety of different clients, such as education, advertising, medical. And now it appreciates more cooperation with different industries in the future, such as tourism, photography industries and so on. The company has offered multimedia solutions to many different industries, with Burger King just being one of many new recent clients. If you are looking for a way to spice up your business but need some guidance or have an idea that you want the RichTech installers to consider, please reach out right away. There are always new innovations to be pioneered and new solutions to explore.