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Home News RichTech Provides Custom Interactive Table with Touch Foil
19/11/14RichTech Provides Custom Interactive Table with Touch Foil

Custom Interactive Table for Night Bar

At the request of a client, RichTech recently created a custom multi touch table for a night bar. This product was designed to meet the needs of a busy bar and to provide something unique that even other organizations with interactive tables lacked. By applying some multi touch foil to the table, RichTech was able to meet these needs. The resulting product has a great combination of usability and novelty that has made it a point of interest for everybody who enters the establishment.

Design, Installation, and Unique Appearance

The result of this custom installation was a 55 inch multi touch interactive table which provided interesting features to patrons and employees alike. Taking the environment which the multi touch table would exist in into consideration, the designers made sure to use a use a customized stable base which helped to prevent the table from being kicked and accidentally damaged by guests. This particular table was designed with an embedded LED light display around all four sides. The lights are all capable of changing colors, giving the bar a chance to draw attention to the display in whatever way seems appropriate. Creating a custom table such as this for a setting that is as generally dark and obstacle-strewn as a night bar can be difficult, but the RichTech installers remained patient and careful during every step of the process. The result was the undamaged installation of the table, the ability for the bar to customize the display to fit whatever needs they deem suitable, and, most importantly, a brand new unique display which customers can view time and time again, getting more information and fun each time they use the device.

55 Inch Multi Touch Interactive Table

How the Multi touch Table Functions

The logo bar of the multi touch table is completely customizable, enabling each establishment to add its own unique look to the product if they so choose. Once the table gets started up, the number of different functions is virtually limitless. Customers can browse through different games, draw pictures with their fingers, or even write custom messages. A variety of games can be made available, giving customers some entertainment while they wait for their food or drink. The features also include the option to play music or videos if desired, be they for promotional purposes or simple entertainment. Menu items can also be added to the table, giving customers the ability to order food while they play games at the same time. This makes for an entertaining diversion that can also help speed along the ordering process, making for fewer hungry people in line. Finally, customers are able to add their own special features to the table if they wish, creating a truly customized interactive table that is unlike any other out there. The sheer number of possibilities offered by the table is staggering, allowing for easy customization that will fit any business.

Menu Items of The Multi Touch Table

Simple Entertainment for Customers

More Custom Tables on the Way

RichTech is always interested in introducing more versions of the multi touch table to fit unique customers’ needs. The look and feel of the table can be customized to fit the culture of your company and to reach out to your customers. RichTech has worked with companies in a variety of different fields and across all sorts of industries. If you have a unique challenge that might be able to be met with a customized multi touch table, reach out and let your need be known. The results may astonish you.