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Home News RichTech Creates Another Innovation with Smart Glass Film
30/12/14RichTech Creates Another Innovation with Smart Glass Film

Customizable and Flexible Smart Glass Hits the Market

RichTech has recently introduced a new smart glass product which will provide many potential marketing innovations for a variety of different businesses. The product is also known as intelligent dimming glass and privacy glass, both of which accurately describe its use. When powered on, the product can be used to change the color and transparency level of a window, adjusting lighting needs based on user controls. The material used to achieve this effect is a two-layer PET-ITO conduction film and a liquid crystal membrane (LCD) applied to the middle layer of the product.

Functions and Features

The main goal of the smart glass film is to protect the privacy of individuals and businesses. The glass can be transparent for as long as you want it to be, but can shift to a non-transparent appearance whenever you might need some privacy. To adhere to a window, the film is attached using simple neutral glue that will stick to almost all glass. When Smart Glass Film is in the nontransparent state, it also can be as a good projection screen which will be handy in your own space. When it is under suit light, the perfect projection appears. The film blocks 98% of ultraviolet rays, reducing radiation damage even when in its transparent state. Changing the transparency level happens almost instantly, taking no more than one-tenth of a second in order to get a response. Overall, this product is customizable, responsive, and environmentally friendly, making the film an excellent option for any organization.

How to Use the Smart Glass Film

The smart glass has potential applications for businesses, residences, and more. It is the most cost-effective way to add some privacy to a business without requiring bulky shades that take time to roll up and down. It can also provide a stylish and comfortable way to partition hotel spaces or shopping malls. In residences, it can be used as an alternative to traditional shades and curtains. It can guarantee privacy in a high-end bathroom or serve as a background for a mini projector if you feel like watching movies. Businesses that require a high level of privacy or security, such as jewelry shops, museums, and banks can use the film as a way of hiding products that they need concealed during the day or during off-hours. It can even be used in healthcare or to provide entertainment in senior centers. These are just some possible applications – there are many more.

Smart Glass Film for Meeting Room

Smart Glass Film for Residences

New Customization Options Every Day

One of the greatest strengths that RichTech has is its ability to customize its products to fit the needs of different customers. Different colors can be displayed during power-off and other simple customization can be added with ease depending on your needs. Any space that needs a little extra privacy or interactivity can use this film. As always, RichTech will also work with different customers to come up with a solution that fits their needs exactly. If you have any potential new uses for the smart glass, just say the word and RichTech will be happy to work with you.