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28/02/15NEW Management System for Interactive Floor System
Recently, in order to ensure that our clients feel easier and faster to operate the interactive floor system, our engineers developed a new management system. It is a brand-new management system, which will free our clients from a complicated operation and make it more convenient.

There are six advantages compared with the former management system:

1. New design UI

Our user friendly new UI will give you a humanized usage experience.

2. The new management style of effects

You can add or delete effects, sort effects and even copy effects in a minute.

3. List Manager

You can set start time, running time and the interval between effects easily.

4. Visualization of effects on thumbnail

It is more direct and clearer to see effects. And you also can update your own loading pictures.

5. Integration of projector parameter settings and time settings

It is more straightforward to set the function of automatically start up at boot and regularly shutdown the computer.

6. Shortcuts panel

In this new system, we add a shortcut panel, it will save you more time during operation. For instance, double-click the icon in the main interface of the effect, you can run this effect, and click the icon, configuration program button will pop up.

There are the main shortcuts:

We will make our system constantly updated and improved based on customer needs, so if you have any questions and requirements about our Interactive Floor System or other products, please feel free to contact us.