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Home News RichTech Introduces New Custom Half-Screen Roll Up Projection Banner
01/04/15RichTech Introduces New Custom Half-Screen Roll Up Projection Banner
Client: Sudhanshu
Product: Half-screen Roll Up Projection Banner

Country: India

Date: March 2015

Presenting the new Roll Up Projection Banner

RichTech, the internationally-known creator of several popular interactive projection products, has recently added a new piece of technology to its library. The Half-Screen Roll Up Projection Banner is a custom product developed at the request of one of the company’s clients. The technology will be used at weddings and exhibitions, although it has a number of other applications as well. The banner combines the company’s DLP projector with a traditional banner display, creating portable advertisements which can be placed anywhere with a minimum of fuss and cost. The addition of this new technology allows clients to adapt to the changing needs of the fashion advertisement world, where having a stationary, non-interactive display can be a major drawback to brand awareness. Because the display banner can be brought to any event and set up extremely easily, it means that the client’s brand can be placed anywhere they see fit.

Features of the Banner

When RichTech was handed the job of creating this new product, the client had detailed specifications that needed to be met. The banner was designed to meet these specifications in all regards. It measures 9.84 feet high and 6.56 feet wide, enabling it to fit in most exhibit spaces with ease. To get the half-screen effect, a black cloth that measures 4.92 feet high and 6.56 feet wide covers part of the display. The other half of the display has a projector surface with is exactly as high and wide as the black cloth. The banner was designed to be larger than the typical size used while still remaining compact enough to have many different uses. This makes it more attractive to potential customers even as the product itself retains the flexibility of a small display. The projection banner is a perfect replacement for traditional banners, since it provides more customization and the ability to add movement and interactive graphics to your brand. It can easily be used in display areas within shopping malls, airports, banks, exhibit halls, museums, and much more, reaching out to audiences that traditional displays never would have touched.

Half-screen Roll Up Projection Banner

Customization Possibilities for the Banner

While RichTech designed the banner to meet the specific goals of one client, the company also focuses on solutions that can have multiple applications. This product is no exception. RichTech has already figured out how to apply the technology to different sizes based on marketing needs. There is also a full-screen version of the roll up banner which can provide a larger display for events where a brand needs to be seen from far away. For those who want a way to utilize both the half-screen and full-screen version, a dual-use banner is available. This banner allows the black cloth to be removed when it needs to become a full-sized display. If you have other special requirements, just ask the technicians at RichTech and they will be happy to accommodate your needs. The company is always willing to take on new challenges and goes the extra mile for its clients.