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Home News RichTech Develops New Update for Roll Up Projection Banner
08/05/15RichTech Develops New Update for Roll Up Projection Banner
RichTech, makers of many effective interactive products, has recently provided a major update for the company’s roll up projection banner. This new banner serves as a portable advertisement, combining DLP projection with a traditional banner display. With improved visual effects, more usability than before, and an eye toward updates that were convenient to both the customer and the company using the project, this banner is now better than ever.

The New Projection Banner at a Glance

The advertising world hasn’t stayed still over the past few years, so RichTech focused on updating the company’s popular projection banner to fit with the changing trends of the industry. The result is an improved product that embraces the new trends in the advertising world. The banner functions effectively regardless of the level of light in the display area and can help draw customers’ eyes much more effectively than a static advertisement can. Ideal places to use this product include outside a storefront, in a shopping mall, at an exhibition area, or virtually anywhere else where you might consider using a traditional banner. This new product does everything the old one did and much more.

Features of the Product

The previous version of the roll up projection banner had two limited screen versions for cloth printing: a half-screen and a full-screen option. One of the biggest changes in this new version is that the projection area no longer has any limits. You can decide to place your advertisement on the top, middle, bottom, or across the whole screen, depending on your needs. It’s even possible to customize the shape of the projection. Because the new model uses a semi-transparent light box panel, the images come through with a higher degree of clarity and quality than ever before. The entire unit breaks down easily and can fit in an easy-to-carry wheeled bag for transport to and from different sites.

New Roll Up Projection Banner

Applications of the Banner

This new updated banner is the perfect way to deliver high-quality content that will wow your customers. You can use the new projection banner to add videos, animation, and interactive levels to your advertising. Because the product is so portable, it can easily be brought to and from different sites, allowing you to broadcast your brand and your message to a larger group of people than ever before. Rather than pay for physical banners that can be easily missed by customers, it is much more cost-effective to buy this unit. Not only is it better at attracting the public’s attention, but the branding material can be altered and adjusted to make sure your advertising never goes out of style.

RichTech is always looking for ways to customize and update their products so as to deliver a better experience for clients. Keep an eye out for other updates in the near future. As always, if you have a customer job idea that you need taken care of, the energetic and innovative technicians that make the roll up projection banner and other great products are ready to take your call.