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Home News RichTech Presents Groundbreaking New Magnetic Floating Display
02/06/15RichTech Presents Groundbreaking New Magnetic Floating Display

An Australian client asked the designers at RichTech to come up with an interesting way to showcase their product, and the result is the Magnetic Floating Shoe Display. By utilizing scientific principles of electromagnetism and suspension, the Magnetic Floating Display is able to leave a product literally levitating. This interesting new way to display products is sure to be eye-catching and will draw clients far and wide as they examine the latest in advertising technology.

The Product at a Glance

Using well-balanced electromagnets, the Magnetic Floating Display allows you to place any product into the case and give it the illusion of complete weightlessness. Any non-electronic product should work within the magnetic field. When the device is on, the product is left floating without touching anything. Potential customers who are curious about the display can look as long as they want, but they won’t find any strings or other attachments. Naturally, the longer they look, the more focused they are giving to the brand. This is great for any company that wants to drive more attention to their featured products in a way that is engaging, interesting, and which uses the latest in cutting-edge technology.

Magnetic Floating Display

Features of the Display

The Magnetic Floating Display is a great way to show off shoes and other products in a sleek and modern way. The product is left floating and rotates in midair, giving a great 360-degree view to anybody watching. The display itself uses an acrylic material for the case and can float objects that weight as much as 600 grams. Simple to move thanks to its light weight and plug and play nature, the product also comes with a built-in LED light that helps to highlight it. Finally, the product is completely environmentally friendly. Because the floating effect is created through the use of electromagnets, there is no harmful radiation or risk of side effects.

Magnetic Floating Display with a built-in LED light

Utilization of the Magnetic Floating Display

While the current Magnetic Floating Display is used to highlight shoes, there are many more product possibilities out there. Objects such as cans, cards, cell phones, and anything else that won’t be damaged or absorbed by a strong magnet can be featured in the display. The product itself can be customized to fit your needs, including size and color alterations. The light weight and portability of the display case makes it easy to bring your product to many different areas, including supermarkets, grocery stores, and more. This is a great product that is capable of showcasing clothing, jewelry, and more. It can also provide a high-tech decoration and showcase special effects and company features.

The Magnetic Floating Display isn’t the only new product by RichTech that is making big news in the advertising industry. The RichTech technicians are always looking for something new to put together, and the Magnetic Floating Display just happens to be a representation of their latest handiwork. If you have a technological advertising need that you think requires a new and innovative solution, just ask the folks at RichTech. They’ll be eager to help you out.