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10/06/15RichTech Presents Brand New Projection Sphere System

A brand new RichTech system has been developed to fill interactive needs. Called the Projection Sphere, this innovative new device provides 360 degree graphics that can give potential customers something new and exciting to take an interest in. In many ways, the Projection Sphere can be seen as a sort of interactive crystal ball. Taking up very little space and providing high-quality images, this device can serve marketing and customer service purposes equally well.

The Marvelous New Projection Sphere

One of the key features of the Projection Sphere is its spherical design. This design ensures that the sphere takes up only a little bit of space while remaining viewable to people from anywhere in a room. The sphere itself looks like a simple globe, but its interactive elements allow for 360 degree viewing from the target audience. The controls and setup are designed to be as intuitive as possible. This means that with some very simple installation steps, you will be able to get the sphere running in a matter of moments, no matter what your level of technical expertise is. Despite its small size, its shape and style make it easy to draw the attention of potential customers, creating a memorable brand look.

RichTech New Projection Sphere System

Features of the Sphere

The Projection Sphere uses a high lumen inside to make its images truly pop. This draws the eye immediately and can create some truly breathtaking visual effects. The product is also equipped with an interactive IR function. When engaged, this function detects people within a set range and then starts to play audio and video effects automatically. In order to conserve energy, the sphere only displays a static image when nobody is in the area. Despite the potential power of this interactive device, the actual diameter of the sphere is only 80 centimeters. That makes it very lightweight and easy to move, which means you can bring this product to a wide range of events or move it around your storefront without any sort of hassle.

interactive IR function - Projection Sphere

How the Projection Sphere Can Help Your Business

If you have a presentation that you want to impress a crowd with, the Projection Sphere is a great way to add a bit of visual punch. This product can easily draw a crowd at schools, museums, trade shows, shopping malls, cinemas, and much, much more. If you want something along these lines but have different ideas as to things like shape, color, or additional features, just contact the technicians at RichTech. They specialize in making sure that the products are designed to meet your specific needs, regardless of what those needs might be.

The Projection Sphere is a groundbreaking new presentation style that is sure to add some visual flair and interactivity to any display. In addition to this new product, RichTech is also in the process of updating their other interactive marketing solutions. If you have an idea of something that you want to see, just contact the technicians at RichTech and they will happily start to customize a unique and cutting edge solution for you.