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Home News RichTech’s New LighTower Series Provides Advertising with Digital Style
16/06/15RichTech’s New LighTower Series Provides Advertising with Digital Style

RichTech has recently unveiled its new LighTower product, which is a stylish LED signage display that can dramatically change the way companies do their advertising. The product has two series, each of which are designed to meet the unique needs of many different advertisers. You can also customize the LighTower further, adjusting its size, placement, and output to make sure that your brand gets seen by the exact audience that you want to attract.

Innovating the LED Display Industry

The LighTower is a major new innovation in the LED display industry because it provides a better display and more options than ever before. It’s a fun and exciting way to help show off your business, and estimates show that it can improve your customer traffic by up to 500%. Because the LighTower uses a combination of images and video, it can help you promote more than just your company’s logo. The display can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be and can promote a specific message in addition to the standard brand information. The C series of this product is a suspended display, while the F series is free standing. However, both can be suspended or placed as you need them.

LighTower C Series

LighTower C Series

LighTower F Series

LighTower F Series

Features of the LighTower

The LighTower has a super thin body and is ultra-light in weight. The C series is designed to be mounted in a shop window, making sure that people passing by always take the time to view your brand. The F series can be positioned horizontally or vertically and rotated up to 90 degrees to meet display requirements. It also has two wheels and two round bases that allow easy movement from place to place, both inside and outdoors. At the same time, the round base makes sure the product stays put. Both versions have a visual range of up to 98 feet and 100,000 hours of screen life. They can even be positioned in direct sunlight without any drop in the picture quality.

LighTower C Series with A Super Thin Body

LighTower C Series with A Super Thin Body

The F Series Can Be Positioned Horizontally or Vertically

Applications and Customization

There are a lot of different ways you can use the LighTower to help promote your brand and message. Just a few of the possible places it can be put on display include restaurants, department stores, nightclubs, and retail outlets. The product can be customized to make sure that it fits in with the mood and ambience of whatever location you decide to place it in. Additionally, the technicians at RichTech are always looking to provide upgrades and custom designs to help fit the needs of clients who have something extra special in mind. RichTech is always looking for new challenges, so feel free to reach out if you have one in mind.

The LighTower is the latest in a long line of RichTech innovations that can help improve advertising and promotion for any business. If you want a way to make your presence known and get the attention of customers you would normally never reach, this might just be the product for you.