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Home News RichTech Showcase Nanjing Travel Resources with New Multimedia Solutions
13/11/15RichTech Showcase Nanjing Travel Resources with New Multimedia Solutions

Nanjing is one of the greatest travel destinations in the world, but more people need to know why this is such a nice place to go. To aid a client in promoting this area and providing a helpful travel resource, RichTech developed a new interactive multimedia solution that enhances Nanjing’s design and promotion abilities. Through the use of this technology, customers and clients can see first-hand the way classic and modern culture is mixed in the delightful land of Nanjing.

LCD screen solution

When RichTech began to implement construction on this new interactive multimedia solution, the goal was to showcase the many different activities and options available in Nanjing. This includes shopping, food and drink, recreation, sightseeing, accommodation and traffic. The use of multiple LCD screens along with interactive controls allows clients to view these aspects of Nanjing as though they were standing right on the city streets. By touching an area they want to view, the client can bring up additional menus and previews of the areas they want to explore more in-depth. With a few simple touches, a person can preview their destinations and thus know that they will get exactly what they want when they visit.

Touch solution

The second interactive media solution product showcases the popular Yihe block of Nanjing specifically. People using the solution can view each tourist attraction from multiple different camera angles, allowing them to zoom in, check out different perspectives, and then decide if they want to explore further. The options selected are displayed on one of two screens: the arc screen, which provides a grand overview, and the sand table, which provides a detailed model of the specific attraction. This is a perfect way to allow a tourist to explore while also providing valuable education, giving background and interesting facts that a simple trip through the block would not be able to touch upon.

Why does the new interactive multimedia solution provide an advantage over traditional tourism models? Because RichTech has made sure to adapt with the times in order to meet the needs of the client. More and more people prefer the use of smartphones and mobile devices that give them executive ability on the go. The design and plan strength of this model is that it caters to that attitude – instead of telling customers where they might want to go, it allows people to delve in and make their own choices directly. The interactive multimedia solution allows the public to have a more directive expression when making travel choices, and this will ensure that areas that use this technology generate more interest and more visits.

Overall, the interactive multimedia solution is a perfect piece of technology for people who like to have executive ability in making travel decisions. This technology can easily be adapted to a variety of different areas in order to meet the needs of a specific client. Some areas where this could happen include service centers, museums, and shopping malls. As always, RichTech is often looking to use their technology in new and innovative ways.