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Home News Customized Game Effects for Kinect Showcase RichTech’s Versatility
25/01/16Customized Game Effects for Kinect Showcase RichTech’s Versatility

A Hong Kong client asked RichTech to customize products for a pair of game effects that they could use in a targeted manner within their business. RichTech was only too happy to do this, and the result is the RichTech Kinect effect, which meets all of the customer’s requirements. This shows once again the way in which RichTech is able to meet a client’s needs, no matter what they are.

The Kinect effect has two different effects utilized by the client. The first is a running game of sorts, with your position controlling the location of the runner on the screen as you collect trash. The second takes this a step further, engaging your arms as well as you catch photos thrown your way, all of which are integral to getting a higher score.

The RichTech Kinect effect can be used in a wide range of different businesses and organizations. For example, in a kindergarten classroom the program can be used to reinforce certain positive behaviors, such as picking up litter instead of leaving it on the street. The interactivity of the program engages small children, and teachers can use the game as a way to present test questions and evaluations later on.

The Kinect effect can also provide additional game effects useful in shopping mall displays. The exact details of the effects can depend on the storefront that uses them – a store selling jewelry or having a Valentine’s Day sale, for example, can use a romantic view to create a fun game that couples can play together. The sales possibilities are virtually endless.

At children’s centers, where combining learning and play is essential, the RichTech Kinect effect can be used to help children focus on an interactive game while teaching them something important. The game effects can easily be customized to fit a younger audience, as RichTech is a company which prides itself on being able to modify its products to meet the needs of specific audiences.

At a restaurant, the Kinect effect can be used as a diversion for people waiting for their meals, with younger players getting behavioral reminders such as the importance of not wasting food. It can also be used to give customers a behind the scenes look at the restaurant, showing them the process of their meal’s creation without creating any sort of health hazard.

In exhibition halls, the Kinect effect can allow vendors to showcase their products in a unique and engaging way. Instead of forcing customers to sift through pages of a hardcopy catalog, you can instead show them this interactive device which allows you a chance to preview any of your products in a 360 degree view.

The world of advertising gets one of the biggest boons when it comes to using this product as part of their business plan. While many modern ads rely on the customer to hold a mobile device and navigate it by hand, the Kinect effect offers a chance to keep your hands free and use your body as the control. This also puts control of the ads and their pacing in the hands of the customers.

The RichTech Kinect effect is a brand new innovative product that can be used for virtually any business you can imagine. With two different game modes, it is not only a showcase of what the company can do to make sure its client’s needs are met, but also as a demonstration of how willingly RichTech takes on new challenges. If you have a custom job you would like, don’t be afraid to ask.