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Home News RichTech’s Popular Interactive Floor Gets a Revolutionary Upgrade
02/02/16RichTech’s Popular Interactive Floor Gets a Revolutionary Upgrade

RichTech has recently created a Mobile Version of its popular interactive floor. This upgrade provides all the entertainment and convenience of the previous model with a number of revolutionary new innovations. The entire device can now be positioned on a floor or any other level surface. The floor portion of the product is held into place tightly by an adjustable frame, which in turn allows the camera to be adjusted to any angle. This has all the great features of the original Interactive Floor, but now offers more customization and interactivity than ever before.

Mobile Version Interactive Floor

Distinctive Advantages of This Interactive Floor Mobile Version

1. Upgraded 180-degree angle video capture. Any movement in front of it immediately activates the interactive effects.

2. The low projection distance to the ground, makes the 3200 lumens projector be quite suitable, and also creates a sharp projection.

3. External fixed projector, which cools faster and thus keeps the product in great shape for a longer period of time.

4. Sturdy but lightweight aluminum made base, which can be set up very easily and stays stable once it is in place even if someone touch it accidentally.

5. Weighing in at only 20 kilogram. Lightweight enough to be moved from place to place but solid enough that it won’t get jostled around once it is set up.

6. Flight case packaging, making it easy to transport via any vehicle or placed in with your airline luggage.

7. All you need to do to get the mobile version running is place it on the ground, plug it in, and turn it on. There is no need for a complex installation procedure.

8. Best used at any temporary venue, such as exhibition, ceremony, or event, etc. You could even use it for multiple purposes, such as at a wedding ceremony and then again at the reception.

Suitable Applications of This Newly Upgraded Mobile Version

This Interactive Floor Mobile Version can be used in almost any situation and almost any location. Some of the areas where this product excels includes at schools or children centers, where kids will be absolutely captivated by the 3D technology and fun games. It can be conveniently used in exhibition halls by just putting it there, to preview products and services, providing realistic depictions of key items. Museums can use it as an educational tool and as a way to protect exhibits from people’s hands. Because of the high resolution of the camera, art galleries can use it to showcase paintings and other works of art while also making sure the originals are properly preserved.

Interactive Floor Mobile Version

What RichTech Do
The new and improved mobile Interactive Floor is just one example of how RichTech constantly updates its products to provide the best and most useful items possible.

If you have an idea or desire that you would like to see fulfilled, RichTech team will be happy to work with you on similar custom products and innovative interactive solutions.