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Home News The Interactive Sand Table - Newest Addition to RichTech’s Lineup of Interactive Solutions
06/05/16The Interactive Sand Table - Newest Addition to RichTech’s Lineup of Interactive Solutions

A client of ours recently approached us about developing a new application for our interactive system. The client wanted a solution that involved more physical interaction than traditional form of digital displays. As a company that is always looking for innovative and challenging new ideas, RichTech put time and effort into developing such a solution, thus the Interactive Sand Table was born.

In contrast to a normal sand table, the interactive sand table transforms and evolves as you wish. Create snowcapped mountains, deep bays and wide plains all at your leisure. You can really create any kind of landscape you can think of!

Interactive Sand Table - Mountain


Imagine an untouched island paradise right in your home or office, deep blue sea surrounding a crescent shaped island with a sparking bay and a tall active volcano. This system is something any child or adult can enjoy.

How It Works

The Interactive Sand Table consists of a normal sand table, a computer, a projector and a depth measure camera. According to the height of the sand in the box, different designs are projected onto the sand.

By manipulating the height of the sand, any kind of landscape can be created. The effect transitions from water to land, plain, rock and snow. At lower elevations, the water effect will take on a dark blue color and also have a constant flowing movement.

In addition to that, a volcano can be created by digging a hole at the top of a tall mountain. Fire and lava will continuously erupt from the crater and pour down the sides of the mountain. The users will be able to customize height parameters for the effects.

Interactive Sand Table - Volcano


Where It Can Be Used

In centers for children, the system can be used to help children express and develop their creativity. Children today find little motivation to explore and express their own imaginations physically because of the magnitude of the digital media they are exposed to. The Interactive Sand Table combines the best of both worlds by promoting physical interactions using the visual stimulation of interactive media. By engaging in this kind of activity with other children, kids naturally develop their creativity as well as essential social skills.

This system is especially suitable for creating engaging exhibits at natural science museums. With our system, visitors will be able to directly interact with the phenomenon instead of just reading words and seeing pictures. This encourages engagement with your exhibit and provides an extremely unique child friendly experience for families. Our system is sure to entertain your guests and leave a lasting impression on all your visitors.

Interactive Sand Table - Deep Bays

Deep Bays

The Interactive Sand Table is a great educational tool for engaging children in lessons on geography and natural phenomena. Children will be able to experiment using the system and ask questions, this creates a far more holistic learning experience.

Shopping centers are everywhere and they all seem quite similar to each other. But with the Interactive Sand Table at your mall, visitors will be able to create memorable experiences that really leave an impression.

This system can also be a powerful tool in the treatment of children with Autism or other communication difficulties. Through the child’s creations, clinicians will be able to learn more about what the child is thinking and provide better individualized care.

RichTech is dedicated to providing clients with customized innovative solutions for their individual needs, the Interactive Sand Table is only one example of this. If you are looking for a multimedia solution, we can help.