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29/07/16The Future of the Waiting Room

Recently, I was waiting for my yearly physical at the doctor’s office. I found the experience quite boring and children were running around while their parent(s) were reading Cosmo.

A client of ours was having difficulties with children in the waiting room. I thought to my own experience and our Interactive Floor System came to mind. The client loved the idea and applied the idea specifically to capturing children’s attention while waiting to see the pediatrician. Instead of being anxious and nervous, they are well-behaved and cooperative during their appointments. This allows time to explain and advise the parents, achieving a more precise diagnosis of the patient. Our client directly attributes the Interactive Floor System in their waiting room to behave the child exhibits in the examination room. An added bonus was the system is mounted to the ceiling, avoiding all equipment hazards that would typically endanger your children.

Their behavior was commended throughout the community as an innovator in patient care which led to a dramatic increase in business. Due to the competitive nature of the medical industry, the demand for more and more practices’ wanting this in their waiting rooms is at an all-time high.

Our Interactive Floor System is a tech-savvy way to totally re-do the waiting room experience by providing impeccable services to patients and allowing an effective way for children to learn and interact with each other in a positive manner.

As the market for healthcare increases and consumers are given more options than ever on where to fill their healthcare needs, making a good impression is the initial step to a comfortable atmosphere. An updated waiting room builds trust, comfort, and a sense of safety. Assuring that message is worth it and keeps patients coming back.

Testimonials from our clients:

“Much appreciation for bringing technology to us. Having this system not only keeps us ahead of the game but also provides an overall positive experience for our patients and their children.”-Timothy, U.K.
“Without it our business could not have grown to what it is today.”-Oliver, Canada
“A++ Easy installation and maintenance. Would recommend IFS to anyone.”-Kristina, USA

“Smart technology and virtually maintenance free. Excellent customer service.” Jack-Australia

As you can see, the Interactive Floor System has numerous uses and provides many solutions. It can be a therapeutic source for children, give parents the ability to retain more information about their child, and contribute to the growth of your business. It truly makes the overall experience of the waiting room a pleasant one.

We, at RichTech System pride ourselves on our passion to provide our clients with end-to-end solutions along with excellent customer service. Our support is by far the highest standard and we will listen to your concerns to come up with best possible plan that fits your needs. It is our way of doing business that sets us apart from our competitors. Rest assured the Interactive Floor System will captivate the attention of your customers and leave a lasting impression of your business.