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Home News Richtech Provides Easy Installed Rear Projection Film with Suction Cup
28/05/14Richtech Provides Easy Installed Rear Projection Film with Suction Cup

Whether you are looking to add crisp projection images for a business meeting, major event, or just looking to have some fun at home, you can take advantage of RichTech’s newest offering. RichTech is now offering portable rear projection film to clients. This film provides excellent image quality, good contrast, and easy installation. You can pick up the film in all sizes, making it very easy to customize it to your individual needs.

Best Image Quality Available

This rear projection film is one millimeter thick, which is the ideal thickness to give the best contrast levels and image quality possible. The colors from your projection unit will pop better and images will be much crisper than they would be upon a traditional non-film screen or with a thicker film. The film is available in two different types. The most commonly desired film is the transparent one which allows an undiluted look at the natural colors of the projection. Also highly requested and available is a grey film, which gives an image more in line with traditional movie screens for those who desire that look and feel. As with everything else that RichTech offers, you can customize the film to your needs.

rear projection film

Stays in Shape Longer

One common problem with rear projection film is its tendency to get bent and crinkled due to use. RichTech has devised a way around this pitfall by adding an aluminum sheet that goes at the top and bottom of the film. The weight provided by these aluminum sheets keeps the film stretched out and avoids wrinkling, creasing, and folding damage. It also makes the film easier to store since it gets bent out of shape less often. As a result of this clever design, you can get more use out of your film and have an easier time of storing and transporting it as well.

Convenient and Customizable

Perhaps the biggest boon to the customer from this new rear projection film is how easy it is to use and how simple a matter it is to customize the film to fit your every need. The film is provided is all different sizes so you can choose which one best fits your project. It can be attached to any transparent surface through the use of suction cups, which means you don’t have to waste your time with clips and fasteners. Easy to roll up and light in weight, it requires less work and less cost on your end while maximizing your returns. RichTech has made every possible effort to make sure that this new film is a dramatic improvement over anything else that is currently on the market.

RichTech’s new rear projection film is designed for use almost anywhere whether you need it for a business presentation, advertising, or home use. The film was developed through carefully examining the needs and requests of the customer base which means that it was designed with your needs first and foremost in mind. This film is a result of careful study, innovative thinking, and hard work, all so your life can be made easier.