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Home News RichTech’s Rear Projection Interactive Bar For an Authentic Bar Experience
28/05/14RichTech’s Rear Projection Interactive Bar For an Authentic Bar Experience

The rear projection configuration of the RichTech Interactive Bar is very useful if you want to keep things extremely compact and provide an authentic bar experience with all the high tech offerings of this product. In this configuration, everything is kept beneath the bar, including the video capture and the projector. This can obscure the video capture somewhat, but it can also offer a great deal of versatility and a unique experience that other setups do not have.

What Stands Out in this Configuration

By setting up the Interactive Bar in this manner, you will not have to worry about positioning either the video capture or the projector above the table. Everything is tucked away underneath, which gives the entire unit the feel of a classic bar. The only difference between this product and a typical bar is the high tech display and the interactive features that are still offered even with everything underneath the surface. This configuration works just as well as other setups for the bar, with its strengths lying in situations where space is a major concern and authenticity is desired. All the configurations have their uses, and you can easily shift from one to the other based on your needs.

Rear Projection Interactive Bar

Features of the Rear Projection Setup

The rear projection configuration of the Interactive Bar allows for a great deal of decoration and customizability. Because you don’t have to worry about obscuring any part of the system, you can decorate the area around the bar however you like. Because this setup is so compact, many people might assume that it is a normal bar until they view the interactive features, which can provide a shock and pleasant surprise. The visual effects will still remain clear despite the more compact configuration. The bar itself is waterproof and easily cleanable, which means that you don’t have to worry about spilled drinks or food causing any disruption to the system.

Advantages of this Setup

This setup of the Interactive Bar is best used when you want to provide an authentic bar experience accentuated with the interactive features of this system. Many people might be hesitant to try other setups because of the natural apprehension that most people feel when they encounter something new. By using this setup, you can ease them into the interactive experience, letting them sit down and enjoy themselves as though they were at a normal bar before introducing them to the audio and visual components of the system. Once customers are acclimated to the setup, you can try more complex configurations if desired. By introducing things slowly, you will build up more interest.

The rear projection configuration of the Interactive Bar is the most compact and simple version of this system, but it can be mixed and matched with other setups as space and the situation demands. One of the biggest advantages that this system offers is its customizability, and this setup show that off nicely.