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Home News RichTech’s Top Projection Interactive Bar A Way to Maximize Features
28/05/14RichTech’s Top Projection Interactive Bar A Way to Maximize Features

The RichTech Interactive Bar can be configured in a variety of different ways. In the top projection setup, the equipment is all located above the bar. This includes the computer, projector, and video capture unit. This configuration requires the most space and initial setup, but also maximizes the features of the system. It is great to use in an area where you have space and an audience who is willing to let you show off the full capacity of this wonderful piece of hardware.

What is the Interactive Bar?

This system is a hardware and software entertainment solution that can be used to enhance night clubs, hotels, bars, and many other businesses. The bar can detect touch on the counter or the table, and then product audio, images, and video in a way that can be customized to the entertainment needs of your customers. The configuration of the bar can be customized in several ways depending on your space needs and customer base. By setting up this unit in your establishment, you can turn an ordinary night out into something unique and special, gaining many repeat customers and spreading word of mouth that will bring others in to check out the high tech interactive system.

Top Projection Interactive Bar

The Top Projection Configuration

By utilizing the top projection configuration of the Interactive Bar, you will be maximizing the video and motion capture features of the unit. The light of the projector can be seen as a sort of spotlight, immediately drawing attention to the bar and making it inviting to customers. The exact size and decoration of the entertainment space can be customized, and you can adjust the visual components of the bar to fit with whatever theme you have set for your business. This system setup can be used in conjunction with any other type of bar counter with no need for spending a lot of time making a further installation. Overall, the top projection setup allows for a unique and amazing interactive experience.

Advantages of this Configuration

By using the top projection setup of the Interactive Bar, you are placing both the projector and the video capture unit above the table, which means that any and all motion around the bar can be captured and then instantly fed through the projector. This allows for more versatility than other configurations. In this setup, the space underneath the bar is left empty, meaning that it can be used for storage of other equipment or just to provide some extra leg room for those sitting around it. The spotlight effect of the projector draws attention even from across a crowded room, which means that you can use this setup to introduce the new equipment and make sure that everybody sees what it can do.

The actual configuration of the Interactive Bar can be changed based on your space and business needs. The top projection setup is a great way of drawing attention to the unit and really showing off all that it can do.