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28/05/14Show Off Your eBook with RichTech’s Customized eBook System
RichTech’s customized eBook system is a new way to show off your book in bookstores, at conventions, and in shopping malls. The system uses a projector and computer which are placed on the floor. The projector reads the book from the computer, and then displays it on a clear plastic screen. This makes for an attractive and eye catching display that can bring in new audiences for your book and increase both exposure and sales.

Customized to Order

The initial customizable eBook system has been created by RichTech for a client in Tbilisi, Georgia. That client wanted something unique and visually striking to show off new books in his bookstore. With this customized system, customers at the bookstore can now scroll through the book’s virtual pages, view a book trailer, and zoom in on specific images or passages of text. In an industry that is often competing with more modern technology that has a higher visual draw, having this modern and eye catching system is a great way to draw attention to books. It can be used as part of a book signing, to promote books that are underexposed, or to highlight the arrival of a new bestseller.

RichTech eBook system

System Features

The customized eBook system has a graceful design and a transparent body that allows it to be placed almost anywhere without being obtrusive. The fine acrylic body can be further customized to fit in with the rest of the shop, keeping the store consistent in theme. The actual books on display can be browsed using the hands on screen, which has a clear and crisp high contrast image. This initial model has a 24 inch diagonal screen size and weighs 40 kilograms, making it easy to transport as needed. It also has an integrated PC and DLP projector that provides the very best display possible. Future models in this vein are customizable according to customer need, and RichTech is ready to work with any needs.

A Booming Business

Since the integration of the customized eBook system, the Tbilisi, Georgia bookstore’s attendance has increased by 100%. Because the model is transportable, it can be brought to trade shows and events as well, giving an opportunity for even more exposure. RichTech worked carefully with the bookstore owner to come up with something that was suitable for this particular shop and is eager to take on more customized orders as the situation demands.
Customer Testimonials

Michael Collins: “The display really caught my eye. I usually only browse by book covers, but I like the chance to scan the inside this easily.”

Natalie Whitcomb: “I can look through all sorts of different genres without having to trek all the way across the bookstore. This makes it a lot easier on me and gives me more options.”

David O’Brien: “I love new gadgets, and this is probably the best draw for a bookstore I’ve seen for a long time. It definitely gives me more reasons to shop for new books.”

The initial customized eBook system has been a strong success, and RichTech is happy to provide similar products as needed. Just let them know what your business needs are and they will customize a display for you.