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28/05/14New Presented Multi-Touch Table with 32 Point Touch

RichTech, makers of several different types of interactive tables, has unveiled its newest offering, the 55 inch Multi-Touch Table. This table includes a multi-touch screen with 32 point touch, allowing users an amazing level of interactivity and manipulation. The table is ideal for demonstrations, entertainment, exhibits, and more. The details of the table are discussed below, so read on for more information about this cutting edge new interactive table.

The Table at a Glance

The 55 inch Multi-Touch Table is a newly launched innovative project designed to give users greater control over the LCD table. They can interact with the technology by just touching the LCD table with their fingers, rather than having to use a mouse. Having a 32 point touch setup means many people are able to use the table at the same time and that the hardware will register all of their movements. The computer is in a fixed location under the table, which makes it very easy to store and use. It also gives the entire table a sleek, futuristic design that emphasizes its usability. You can place this table almost anywhere you want and you will instantly draw a crowd due to these features.

multi touch table

Features of the Table

The Multi-Touch table has an LED circle installed around the table, giving it a modern and fashionable look that will be sure to draw the eye. The surface allows for 32 point touch, which allows multiple users to participate in the same activity without any problems. The table is waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about spilled drinks and other disasters. It has an oversized design but is ultrathin, making it practical and very easy to set up. The corners are rounded, with the safety of the users being first and foremost in the designers’ minds. Easy to operate and maintain, the table only requires power in order to get working, making setup and removal a breeze.

What the Table Can Do for You

When designing a new interactive table, RichTech’s employees put themselves in their clients’ shoes and makes design decisions based on what those clients will want. For this reason, the Multi-Touch Table is designed to be as flexible and useful as possible. It can be used in many different areas including shops, hotel reception areas, restaurants, exhibit halls, supermarkets, and more. The table can energize your business area by adding something that has all the combined functionality of a traditional table or computer but with more attractiveness and usability. RichTech is happy to customize orders as needed, and the professional designing and engineering team can customize a table to your needs.

The Multi-Touch Table provides both usability and a sleek, fashionable design. The multi-touch screen is sure to make things entertaining for many users at once. You can use this table to enhance your business or to draw customers in to an exhibit. With so much flexibility and simplicity built into the model, this table is useful and entertaining wherever you decide to install it.