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Home News Create a Memorable Spa Experience with RichTech Interactive Projection
28/05/14Create a Memorable Spa Experience with RichTech Interactive Projection
In the spa market, you have to do something to differentiate yourself from the many competitors in order to get and keep your members. Many spa and wellness centers are incorporating various experiences in order to draw in the crowds like fine dining, family areas, wellness, beauty coaching and more. To really become the talk of the town, create a memorable experience with a “wow” factor by incorporating a RichTech interactive floor or interactive wall.

What is Interactive Projection?

Interactive projection utilizes digital technology, film and projection equipment to project an image on a wall or a floor with which people can actually interact. Digital projection on buildings can create optical illusions, facades and more, and you can even project on water. Interactive projections use motion sensors and move based on the person’s interaction. It uses a motion sensing, interactive turnkey to react when someone steps on the floor or does some other interactive movement. There are many companies who will create an effect for you using videos, customizable effects, a playlist scheduler with built-in interactive effects, and even customizable flash-based creations.

Examples of an Interactive Floor and Interactive Wall

An interactive floor has a moving image that when a person steps on it reacts. For example, if you had fish swimming in water, then when someone steps on the interactive floor, the fish swim away and waves ripple through the faux water. You can create a space filled with nature through having a rainforest, desert, lily pond, ocean, or even a flower meadow interactive projection on a wall, floor, or both. An interactive wall would similarly have an image that reacts when a person does something, most likely touches it, although you can create a reaction based on just the movement of the person. You can create an interactive floor or wall to do whatever you want.

What you can do with Interactive Projection in a Spa

Interactive projections have numerous possibilities in a spa setting. You can have an interactive floor in your waiting room to amaze and entertain your club members and clients while they await their services. Additionally, you can create a room of relaxation with virtual natural wonders to begin the relaxation as soon as your customers walk in the door. Furthermore, you can utilize an interactive floor or interactive wall in therapy. Color, light, sound and music therapies are gaining ground in spas. With an interactive wall, you could create a 360, interactive therapeutic room that activates all the senses to relax and heal your customers.

RichTech Interactive Projection in a Spa

There are plenty of ways to incorporate an interactive floor or wall into your spa. Your members and clients will love the experience and tell their friends, helping you to bring in more clients. An interactive floor or wall can put your spa on the map through creating a memorable experience for those who come to your spa. Before you know it, you will be the talk of the town and one of the top spas.