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28/05/14RichTech Shows Off Customized Interactive Floor

Showing off the range of orders it can take and the company’s dedication to customer service and satisfaction, RichTech recently completed a customized interactive floor system for a client in Connecticut. This system includes a 13000 lumen projector with a mirror over the projector to increase the size of the picture without distorting the interactive projection. This new system meets all the client’s needs and shows just a portion of what RichTech can do with customized orders.

Behind the Scenes

This customized interactive floor system uses a 13000 lumen projector to compensate for the brightness of the client’s location, which has two French windows to let in a lot of natural light. At the same time, the ceiling height of the building was too short for the projection size that the client required, but this was compensated for by the addition of a mirror to refract the image. Everything is held together with a sturdy iron frame that will guarantee that the machine will be able to endure a lot of use over several years. The client only needs to provide power to get the machine working. The iron frame and other adjustments also make the entire device very easy to operate and save lots of time and money.

13000 lumen projector

The Interactive Floor Pro Version

This custom order is modified using the RichTech Interactive Floor Pro Version as its base. This system provides several useful features to those who need professional strength image projection. It can be used in a bright place, and the already large projection area can be made even larger with the help of a mirror. This remains true even if you have some space considerations such as a low ceiling. There are hundreds of different 3D effects that come with this system, and they can all be customized. Some of the different areas of customization include the background image, the audio and video input, text effects, and more. The system as a whole is very flexible, convenient, and easy to operate.

Finding new Solutions

Whether you need an interactive floor for a space that might have some height and width constraints or just want to special order something beyond what is normally available, RichTech can provide that level of customization and problem solving. This customized system was designed for a dentist clinic, which allows children to have fun in the waiting room and reduces their overall nervousness. This also makes the waiting room environment easier on parents. Because of this system, the dentist clinic has become well known in its area. If another business wants to borrow the system, it is easily portable and can be brought to restaurants, supermarkets, shopping malls, and more.

RichTech devotes themselves fully to customer service and has a professional and capable engineering team specifically to solve problems with difficult orders. This customized interactive floor system is only one example of what the company is capable of. If you have a special need in mind for your system, consider giving RichTech a call. They will be happy to help.