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Home News Interactive Projection Delights Shoppers in Singapore
28/05/14Interactive Projection Delights Shoppers in Singapore

A brand new event is making some serious waves in Singapore. One smart shopping mall has chosen to include an interactive projection in one of its corridors, and has not only boosted its traffic, but provided fun for its customers, too.

Looking for a Way to Fill Some Space

At the Gek Poh Shopping Centre in Singapore, there were a few corridors without anything particularly interesting in them. This might also be the case in many other shopping centers around the world. It’s a shame to let that type of real estate go to waste, which is why an interactive projection can be so very useful. Not only was the Gek Poh staff looking for a way to increase their customers, but they needed something for that particular corridor as well. After deciding to try out an interactive projection floor, they were incredibly glad they did so.

Interactive Floor Technology Builds Interest, Provides Entertainment

Many shopping centers might be dealing with similar issues. Increasing customer flow is almost always a concern, and it’s never bad to have something that will guarantee that your customers come back. An interactive projection floor is perfect for these goals, and more. The technology involves projecting images onto the floor that are actually able to be interacted with by the customers stepping on the floor. This unique technology is fun, interesting, and is guaranteed to have your customers telling their friends about it. This interactive projection floor solution is a great way to boost your revenue and get a reputation for being one of the most exciting destinations in the area.

The Interactive Floor Can Provide Huge Benefits

The Gek Poh Shopping Center enjoyed some particularly positive results when they chose to install an interactive floor projection system in one of their largest corridors. Within just a single month of installing their interactive floor, the Gek Poh Shopping Center saw their customers increase threefold. Their customers showed consistent interest in the exciting new attraction and interacted with it. One of the great things about this type of attraction is that it helps to turn your shopping center into a source of fun, not just a place to buy things. Families are more likely to spend an increased amount of time in your shopping center when they’re having such fun with your exciting new floor projection.

Try Yours Out Today

The success of our interactive projection device at the Gek Poh Shopping Center has led to a variety of deals with similar shopping centers all throughout Singapore. If you’re looking for a way to increase your customer flow and create some new buzz within the community, this solution is perfect for your establishment. Get in touch with us today and we can certainly help you find something to suit your needs.

Our interactive projection is guaranteed to make your shopping center a talking point all year round. Many shopping centers have enjoyed the benefits of this solution, and continue to do so to this day.