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Home News RichTech and Rejuvenation Showcase Interactive Floor for Beauty Industry
28/05/14RichTech and Rejuvenation Showcase Interactive Floor for Beauty Industry
The 39th Guangdong International Beauty Expo took place from September 15th through the 17th, and RichTech was on site cooperating with the famous beauty salon company Rejuvenation. Together, the two companies showcased RichTech’s interactive floor, showing the way it can expand a beauty salon’s promotion abilities. The exhibition met with warm feedbacks from attendees, demonstrating how well the interactive projection system can help the beauty industry.

A Breakthrough in Promotion

Beauty salons are always on the lookout for solutions that will help set them apart from the offerings of other businesses in an extremely competitive industry. While some companies might focus on methods like handing out leaflets in the street, RichTech’s interactive floor provides something that is modern and fresh. By using a high-tech solution, you can draw in more people to your salon. The system piques customers’ curiosity and draws their attention. From there on out, it’s a matter of your excellent business speaking for itself. At the Guangdong International Beauty Expo, RichTech showed this first-hand by drawing people to Rejuvenation’s exhibit area and then letting the famous company do their work.

Interactive Projection Benefits

There are many benefits of using the interactive floor in the beauty industry. The cost is relatively low, but the use of this simple system will allow you to give your salon a high-tech feel. The very existence of something so cutting-edge is a great way to build consumers’ confidence. By having the projection system on display, customers will assume that you are also using advanced equipments and skills, which will draw them to your business. This product can also be a big benefit to customers who visit a salon with their families. The floor allows a way for children to entertain themselves while their parents are enjoying the full benefits of a terrific beauty salon.

Customized to Fit Your Needs

As with all of their interactive products, RichTech makes sure to customize the projection and layout to fit the needs of each individual customer. The interactive floor will be set up in a way that can fit your company’s culture and which will prominently feature your brand’s logo. The projection system is not just for use in one industry, either. It can be adapted as a multimedia solution to a number of different fields. In addition to the beauty industry, RichTech has offered solutions in education, advertising, and medical industries. There is also the possibility of collaboration in future projects that might take place in business fields like tourism and photography. The future is limitless.

The collaboration with Rejuvenation is similar to other collaborations that RichTech has had in different expos across the world. Whatever the field, the end result remains the same – the interactive floor is a product that brings in a lot of different customers, many of whom stay around for the business offered by the company using the floor. With RichTech’s experience in customization, marketing, and advanced technology, future possibilities seem to be limitless.