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28/05/14The Perfect Virtual Presenter for your Company
RichTech recently debuted its newest mini virtual presenter version designed to meet the demands of customers. With this latest addition, RichTech now offers customers a choice of four different versions, which ensures you can find the exact design to meet your company’s needs. Not only will you have more choices with a variety of options, you can also customize the version most suited to your requirements for promotion whether in a store or at a trade show.


The acrylic virtual presenter combines a projector with a female interpreter made of acrylic who promotes your product. Through opting for this version, you enhance the level of your promotion through using an interpreter discussing your product. This virtual presenter is ideal for using in a store to give a detailed explanation of product features, like in a jewelry store where you want to highlight a new jewel and its characteristics. Alternatively, this version works well as an introduction to an exhibit. You can also use it for estate and advertising industries as well.

virtual presenter

Roll up Projection Banner

The roll up projection banner virtual presenter creates easy portable advertisement. You can take it where you need it to go, install it and play it without any hassle. It works really well in a hotel reception area, informing guests about the comfort of the rooms and the various amenities. Alternatively, you can use it in a restaurant to discuss the specials of the day or the high quality of food served. These banners also work really well to take to trade shows or for use in retail stores to promote products.

Roll up Projection Banner

Mini Shelf

The mini shelf virtual presenter comes in a customized product shape to wow customers. For example, if you are selling soda or milk, the presenter will be in the shape of a soda can or milk bottle respectively. Then, the projected image pops out at customers to talk about your product, including why customers should choose your product over others. Using the mini shelf virtual presenter attracts customer’s attention while also making them more eager to purchase your product. It is easily customized to your product and industry. Additionally, it saves space when compared with the acrylic and roll up projection banner.

mini virtual presenter

Mini Virtual Presenter

The mini virtual presenter provides a mini human shaped acrylic interpreter that promotes your product or brand. It is easy to use; you just have to plug it in and play it. Unlike the mini-shelf version, this one can introduce more than one product. It provides a vivid explanation and a detailed description of various features of the products so that customers can have a greater understanding of what is offered. Additionally, it can promote company images in exhibition with the surrounding products. The shape of the mini virtual presenter can also be customized to the need of your company and industry, whether you want it to be a person or a product.

mini virtual presenter

If you are looking to add some pizzazz to your marketing campaign and product promotion, then you will want to include a virtual presenter from RichTech. With the variety of options in the four versions and the ability to be customized, you can get exactly what you need for your products.