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28/05/14RichTech Presents Two New Showrooms
The interactive solutions company RichTech has recently added a showroom in Las Vegas, Nevada and near Phoenix, Arizona to display its innovations in the United States. These rooms will serve as a place to demonstrate the many high-tech solutions that the company has developed over the past few years. Some of the exhibits that will be displayed include the interactive floor system, the roll up projection banner, the Kinect, and the transparent video showcase.

American Locations

The company has set up a showroom in Las Vegas and Phoenix, and those rooms will be open throughout the day to allow potential customers a chance to stop by and see what new innovations are available. Those interested in the Las Vegas location should look for JW Media, which is located at 5825 Spring Mountain Road in Las Vegas, Nevada, right next to the McDonald’s in that area. Those who are looking for the Phoenix area location can find it at 1330 West Boxwood Avenue in Gilbert, Arizona. For the moment, the products mentioned above are the ones that are on display, but the facilities have the resources to add additional products whenever they are developed and ready to be displayed.

Available Products

Each showroom is equipped with four of the company’s most popular products. This includes the interactive floor system, which is the company’s hottest product and which can provide many customized effects for a variety of different businesses. The second product available is the roll up projection banner, which combines a DLP projector with a banner display and can be used as a portable advertisement in exhibition halls, airports, hotels, and more. The Kinect is a very easy to use motion sensing input device that allows control over screen content without making any physical contact. Finally, the transparent video showcase provides advertising displays on an LCD screen and comes in multiple sizes.

Everybody is Welcome

The invitation to visit these showrooms is officially extended to anybody and everybody who might be interested in these products. If you live in the Las Vegas or Phoenix areas, you can stop by the nearest showroom and get some hands-on experience with any product you might be interested in. In addition, the rooms include some parts from other products. These products include the interactive bar, the multi-touch table, the hologram showcase, and much more. You can preview the existing and new technologies as they come out and even get a chance to ask for customized content from the company. Custom orders are always available, so feel free to challenge the designers to innovate.

Each showroom represents a unique opportunity for both the company and the customers. It means that RichTech is setting up a firm foothold in the western United States, and it means that customers are now capable to previewing these innovations first-hand and without the pressure on an exhibits hall or other noisy area. The showrooms provide a chance to preview what is already out there and will hopefully lead to future innovations thanks to custom orders.