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Home News RichTech Offers a Remote Control Feature for the Interactive Floor
28/05/14RichTech Offers a Remote Control Feature for the Interactive Floor
Individuals and businesses that are interested in RichTech’s interactive floor system but would prefer a way to control them from a distance don’t have to wait any longer. The company has now unveiled a set of remote control software that can allow people to take control of multiple devices around the world. Whether you are looking to handle one single machine or hundreds in various areas, you can now do so through RichTech’s new system.

Large Scale Operation

The sheer scale that the remote control feature offers to users is astounding. Using just one main computer, a customer can operate, monitor, and modify up to 300 sets of client computers at one time. The technology utilized here is a special kind of network synchronization that can work from any distance. This is a great way for a business with a lot of branch offices to control many different machines from one central command center. It can also be a networking solution if you need to link many different machines. Multiple users of the interactive floor now have the ability to pull off some very impressive coordination, connecting with other machines for communication or as part of an elaborate activity.

Features of the Product

The remote control is very easy to operate. Clients react almost immediately with only a few clicks of the main computer, even if they don’t have any programming knowledge. Some of the operative capabilities include the chance to change effects, images, logos, backgrounds, and more. All clients are immediately synchronized once the server begins operation. You can adjust displays in any location, be it at a shopping mall, exhibition hall, bar, or anywhere else in the world. Synchronization is done automatically and instantly, meaning that all linked machines are immediately on the same page. The continuous monitoring of the client computers saves time and makes everything simple.

Customer Benefits

The main benefits of this system come in the form of better customer service and the ability to solve problems no matter where you are in the world. The early feedback from use of the remote control is positive, and RichTech will continue to refine the system as time goes on. The interface will be familiar to anybody who has used a Windows or Mac application. With just a few clicks of a button, you can find menus that will allow you to sync up remote devices, set your client’s parameters, and edit effects on any machine you control. This means you can effectively handle multiple sites across the country or even worldwide without having to spend the time and money needed to put somebody on site directly.

The remote control for RichTech’s interactive floor is a potential game changer. It means you can handle your products from miles away and keep them all properly synchronized. This gives you more control over the way you run your displays, and gives you the chance to control things from a big picture point of view rather than dealing with one unit at a time.