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Home News RichTech Introduces New Dynamic Rear Projection Film
28/05/14RichTech Introduces New Dynamic Rear Projection Film
RichTech, which has long made quality rear projection film, has just unveiled some new offerings in this area, giving you the ability to add something of interest to a normal window. The two newest offerings bring the total amount of film choices to five, adding an ultra black and mirror film to the roster. If you have a storefront, window, or other transparent and colorless surface that needs something to bring it to life, this new product might be right for you.

Using the Film

The rear projection film has been a strong-selling product for months now, so adding new film to the array of options was a good business move that met the rising demand from customers. With two new styles added, users now have more options than ever when determining how they want their advertising displayed. The film is very portable, requiring nothing more than to be rolled up and brought from one site to another. It is also easy to apply to virtually any window. Any glass window or acrylic surface will do as an attachment point for the film. That means that even locations with limited resources will still be able to make use of this product and run it effectively.

Features and Applications

The different rear projection film types each have their own strengths and weaknesses. The ultra black film is dark enough that customers can’t see through the glass it is attached to, which makes it ideal for privacy. Information projected onto the film, however, can be seen from virtually every angle. This is ideal for places like retail outlets, banks, and commercial businesses with window displays. The mirror film projects a bright and colorful image that can be seen from both sides without distortion. It is excellent for any organization that has a need to pull in a large amount of customers, such as shopping malls, restaurants, exhibition halls, and any other place that can handle a large crowd.

Benefits of the Film

Variety is the most important thing for any product on the market, and the rear projection film is no exception to that rule. Having additional choices should give you better marketing and display options that will fit virtually any need. For those who have a high standard on image quality, you might want to check out the ultra black film. If you want to view an image from both sides or want to show off some cool new effects, the mirror film might be a good option to pursue. You can even choose a combination of the two choices if you have some unique ideas. With more choices, the consumer gains more power over the purchase.

The new rear projection film options are just one of many new solutions that RichTech is striving to provide its customers. If you have additional ideas on what sort of projection or interactivity problems you would like to see, you should contact customer service and let them know. The company strives to meet every customer need.