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Home News RichTech Introduces the Remarkable 46” Touch Transparent Showcase
28/05/14RichTech Introduces the Remarkable 46” Touch Transparent Showcase
RichTech has introduced a new modern transparent showcase that offers both size and flexibility in order to highlight any product you may wish to promote. This showcase uses a transparent LCD that is 46” wide. This is an excellent size to attract indoor attention in areas such as mall storefronts and exhibition halls or outside in displays or open-air exhibitions. Utilizing the latest in modern display technology, this is an excellent option for anybody promoting his or her brand.

The Transparent LCD at a Glance

This product is comprised of a 46” transparent screen with a six-point touch showcase. That means that up to six points can be touched and read at one time, giving a very wide range in the number of things a user can do with it. Single users can use multiple functions at once, and multiple users can use the display simultaneously without any sort of slowdown and no logistical problems. This updated version of the previous touch showcase makes products more appealing than ever before. The multiple functions described below can turn a normal store display into something your customers are eager to spend time looking at, and can also provide several other features to help spruce up your brand.

Key Features

The interior of the transparent LCD is viewable from three sides, making it eye-catching wherever it is displayed. The inside LED light bar is customizable to variable levels of brightness. This allows you to modify the display to match whatever sort of light and color layout will work with your product. The light on the back of the showcase has been updated from previous models, allowing customers to view the product inside more clearly. With just a few touches of the screen, customers can change the content within to view new information. The product also comes with a plug-and-play system that can be operated by virtually anybody. The size allows you to display multiple products if desired.

Applications of the Transparent Display

The biggest feature of the 46” transparent LCD is its ability to improve customer experiences for virtually any sort of product. Some of the possible items that can be promoted include jewelry, mobile phones, drinks, and handbags, among others. Shopping malls, retail outlets, and grocery stores can all use this product to attract customers, and potential buyers can learn a lot about the product through the interactive screen and touch controls. This product also has non-commercial applications, such as providing display information to visitors at a museum or helping to educate students at a school.

RichTech is still working on updating all the products in their catalog in order to provide better service for clients. The 46” transparent LCD is currently the largest display of this type, but 12” and 22” showcases are also available for those who want the features of this product but desire a smaller size. This product has many different applications, and can be used in almost any environment.