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Home News RichTech Enters the Record Book with the World’s Largest Transparent LCD Screen
28/05/14RichTech Enters the Record Book with the World’s Largest Transparent LCD Screen
The technological display solutions company RichTech has spent most of 2013 developing revolutionary new ways for companies to display their products, and they are closing out the year with some big news. The company has now created the biggest transparent LCD panel in the entire world. Measuring in at 84 inches, this panel is capable of providing a big advertising space to companies looking for new solutions to product placement and brand awareness.

About the Panel

The transparent LCD panel measures 84 inches, which makes it the largest panel of its type in the world. This is fully 14 inches larger than the previous screen of this sort, which is now a distant second place at only 70 inches. The panel has the potential to broaden the usage and applications of the transparent LCD model. With more space than ever before to work with, brands can use the large display to draw potential customers’ eyes more effectively than they could in the past. Alternately, it is possible to use the display as a sort of split screen, showing off many different images at once that are all related to the same brand. Because there is so much space, there is much more out there to do.

Features of the Product

Among the many features of the transparent LCD panel is the fact that it has a very high transparency rate. This means that, when you want it to, the panel can be as clear as glass. Despite the large size of the panel, it consumes less energy than a traditional LCD panel, which can potentially save you a lot of money. With one of the highest resolutions in history, the panel can help to bring any type of HD photo or video to life for customers. The large display also provides a high color contrast, which makes it much easier on customers’ eyes to view the screen. Finally, if you’re looking to customize the device a little, transforming this panel into an LCD touch screen is a simple matter for the folks at RichTech.

Panel Applications

The best way to use this transparent LCD panel is to provide special effects that will really dazzle your potential customers. The display can rote, fade in and out, and perform several other tricks that give your brand an edge. This product can be used as a display for luxury shops, an interactive communication device for organizations such as schools and airports, or as an integrated display in outside store windows, billboards, and kiosks. This product has the potential to greatly improve your advertising potential.

While the 84 inch panel is the largest in the world, RichTech also offers several other smaller sizes if you wish, including 12, 22, and 46 inch screens. Overall, the transparent LCD panel is a great way to maximize your visual impact with customers and is versatile enough to be placed in many different spaces depending on your specific needs.