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Home News RichTech Customizes New 46” Advertising Touch Kiosk
28/05/14RichTech Customizes New 46” Advertising Touch Kiosk
RichTech has recently worked very closely with a client in the herb industry to develop something new and interesting. The result is a 46” advertising touch kiosk that can provide new advertising opportunities for this particular client. In addition to the specific client-based benefits, this kiosk has potential applications in several other industries. The product offers many new features, and gives a great interactive touch to any advertising campaign.

The Kiosk at a Glance

The advertising kiosk is an all-in-one advertising solution that allows you to display your product with a few simple commands. After you have set the kiosk to your liking, you can leave it alone and rest assured that your ad will work in the exact way you want it to. The kiosk increases the interaction between you and your customers by allowing them to control how they experience your marketing. It is also a way to improve your promotion capabilities with your peers, as it gives you a chance to show them something they haven’t seen before. By showing off your own innovations, you can capture the interest of potential customers and peers alike.

Features of the Kiosk

The touch kiosk has an aesthetic white design that is specifically crafted to be pleasing to the eye. It is large enough to be displayed for virtually everybody, but is compact enough to be carried from site to site as needed. Some of the advertising material that this product can display includes promotional videos for a company or a product, electronic magazines, eBooks, picture slideshows, and much more. You can even mix and match the different materials, as the LCD touchscreen is responsive and quick. Customers can even surf the Internet using a built-in Wi-Fi connection. The kiosk has a bright, high-res 46” screen, and can support Windows 7, Windows 8, and the Android operating system.

Applications of the Kiosk

You can place the touch kiosk in any location where you need to draw attention to your marketing strategy and really surprise customers. Some possible places for the kiosk that will allow it to use its full capabilities include a supermarket, major chain retail outlet, bank or credit union, airport, and more. In these environments, the kiosk allows customers to see the screen from a distance. This draws them close, and increases the odds they will buy a given product. It also gives businesses a chance to entertain their customers by giving them interactive multimedia solutions at their disposal. A high-tech display with plenty of interactive options is the perfect way to improve the power of your brand.

If you like the sound of the touch kiosk and want to customize it further or have a similar interactive product in mind, you should reach out to RichTech. They are willing to work with their clients to provide any solution they may need, and can modify their equipment to fit any type of business. This kiosk is just the latest example of a successful endeavor.