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Home News RichTech Introduces Custom Virtual Fitting Mirror
28/05/14RichTech Introduces Custom Virtual Fitting Mirror
Technology can make clothes shopping much easier than it used to be, and RichTech has taken a step to simplify the process even further. Using the Kinect system, the company has introduced a virtual fitting mirror that allows shoppers to try on clothing and accessories without having to actually put them on in the store. The fitting mirror means that a person can plan out a shopping trip from the comfort of home, greatly streamlining the entire experience.

Gaining a Competitive Advantage

In a world where people can shop anywhere they want and at any time they want by going to online outlets, stores that rely on in-store sales are having issues keeping up. For those businesses, the fitting mirror can be a major boon. This allows customers to preview exactly what they would look like in a variety of different styles and sizes for any popular fashion on sale. The virtual mirror uses a combination of hardware and software to set up a dressing effect that is remarkably realistic. Customers are more likely to purchase a product if they can fit the shopping spree into their schedule, so having a technological option that gives these previews is a major competitive advantage of businesses.

Features of the Mirror

Rather than having to try on clothes physically, customers can use the fitting mirror by simply pushing the function button in the air. The built-in HD camera then creates a virtualization of the customer’s body and superimposes a 3D image of the garment, thus creating an accurate preview. This allows customers to browse more quickly and find what they want with just a few quick gestures in the air. Customers can preview themselves from the front and the back simultaneously and will also be given the information of the clothes, such as price, material, and so on while they are trying the outfits out. With more options to choose from at a faster pace, customers are more likely to make a purchase.

Customization for Different Businesses

The fitting mirror has a variety of different applications that can be used by all sorts of businesses. For example, amusement parks can provide several unusual, exotic, or silly outfits that patrons can try on. Stores that offer famous brands can reduce the length of the waiting queue by offering a way for customers to preview themselves in different outfits without having to worry about lines to the fitting rooms. RichTech is also happy to customize the product to fit other people’s needs, so if you want a fitting mirror that comes in a different color, size, or has some other unique feature, this can be accomplished. The only limit to this product is your imagination.

The virtual fitting screen is yet another way in which technology is able to make life easier for both consumers and businesses. RichTech can customize this new product to fit any need, be it for business or entertainment, and is always looking to create the next big technological innovation.