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Home News RichTech Adds Infrared to the Virtual Presenter
28/05/14RichTech Adds Infrared to the Virtual Presenter
The RichTech Virtual Presenter is a project combined with an acrylic-made interpreter that helps to promote a variety of products. Recently, a client asked for a customized version of the presenter, and RichTech was happy to help. The new product adds an infrared sensor to the presenter, making it more intelligent and giving more control over how businesses target their marketing. The sensor allows this product to detect others and change displays as needed.

A New Product for New Audiences

Now with an infrared sensor, the new Virtual Presenter is a groundbreaking new piece of technology that allows you to present products and services in a brand new way to audiences. The display is smarter than ever before, allowing for more customization and alteration to fit your business needs. By using this advanced unit, you can give your business or organization and advantage over others by standing out even among a group that uses the traditional presenter model. The change toward a more interactive product also means that you can use this version of the presenter to attract a new audience that normally wouldn’t be drawn to this sort of product. Overall, it’s a major leap forward in every way.

Virtual Presenter

Features of the Product

The Infrared Virtual Presenter is eye-catching thanks to the fact that it uses a human shape and adds innovation rear projection technology to give a unique appearance. When people get near the unit, the presenter can start to interact with them thanks to the infrared sensor. When they move away, the display goes back to whatever static image you want to display, thus saving electricity. The acrylic human shape is designed to make it appear that the projection is speaking and interacting with passer-bys. This makes it inexpensive to maintain but allows it to function 24 hours a day and seven days a week if needed. On average, you will get at least five years of service out of a single unit.

Applications of the Product

You can use the new Infrared Virtual Presenter to deliver information to customers in almost any venue. Specific areas that can truly benefit from the presenter’s ability to wow customers include sales offices, drug stores, banks, supermarkets, car dealerships, airports, and more. The product offers a unique way not only to advertise to potential customers, but also to provide them with useful information and keep them informed. RichTech is also working on other product updates that will provide similar functionality for many other popular projection systems. As a whole, these products should continue to provide an interesting and informative interactive experience for customers.

The new Virtual Presenter has all the benefits of the old model with a new level of intelligence and interactivity added. RichTech will continue to develop similar products in the future and is always interested in taking on exciting and challenging custom jobs that will help enhance the use of virtual technology even further. If you have a specific custom job in mind or an interest in using this infrared technology for you business, just ask.