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28/05/14New Effects of Interactive Projection
The many different interactive projection systems offered by RichTech provide a number of solutions to many industries. Recently, RichTech chose to expand the options available to its customers even further, giving a number of different interactive effect choices for users to select from. This makes the entertainment factor of the interactive system more fun than ever before, and the move could have some business and educational benefits as well.

Same Great Floor, Brand New Effects

The interactive effect array offered by RichTech represents a jump forward in terms of options available to the customer. The existing effects are all still in place, but a number of new effects has been added. This expands the existing list of options while not shutting any previous effects out. A business can now choose to promote their brand in subtler and more effective ways than ever before. For example, a company that has been using the interactive floor but hasn’t found an effect that fits exactly what the business wants to accomplish might find it well worth the time to take a second look. With more options in play, the choice that fits your business perfectly might be available as of now.

The New Effects at a Glance

Broadly speaking, each new interactive effect fits into one of two categories within RichTech’s product lineup. The first new effect layout is focused toward kids, adding new options for interactive games. Some of the potential effects kids can access includes the hamster fight, which is similar to whack-a-mole but requires kids to stop down on the hamsters as soon as possible. The other major group of effects are all aquarium themed, showing fish swimming in the sea and similar graphics. This type of interactive effect is best for organizations that want to offer customers a soothing, relaxing feeling with a lot of natural imagery. The kids effects are great fun, and the aquarium effects are very comforting.

More Customization Available Soon

RichTech is always in the process of adding new interactive effects and tweaking the existing library of effects in order to deliver a better end user experience. The company currently has more than 100 effects total, including effects for kids, advertising, special events, and much more. Despite this large volume of effects, the company is still looking to expand in new and interesting ways. If you have an idea of an interactive effect you would like to see, the people at RichTech will be happy to help you out. All you need to do is contact the company with your suggestion, and the developers will take it from there, doing everything they possibly can to deliver a new and interesting interactive effect.

RichTech has worked diligently to make sure its interactive products are as versatile and useful across all industries as possible. The introduction of some new virtual effects makes that goal even more achievable. No matter what industry you are in, you can rest assured knowing that there is a virtual product from RichTech that is right for you.