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RichTech’s New Multi-Touch Window Brings Displays to Life

A hair salon in Singapore recently asked RichTech for a way to make the shop’s glass more unique for promotional purposes. RichTech responded with a new multi-touch foil system which provides a distinctive look and a lot of interactivity for passerby

RichTech Provides New Solution for Interactive Bar Table

The bar known as the Junction, which is surrounded by Ivy League universities, recently provided a new challenge to RichTech. The bar wanted a way to make the system more interactive and appealing. After some consideration, RichTech responded by prod

12” Vertical Showcase for France Wine

We customized a special 12” LCD showcase for the famous wine brand in France, Flashpoints. It vivid demonstrated the possibilities of a 12” transparent LCD showcase. Normal showcase are placed horizontally instead of vertically and this special desig

Transparent LCD Showcase for Singapore University

The 22’’ transparent LCD showcase extended its application in education field. National University of Singapore adopted the showcase to display students’ excellent sculpture works in its school history room. Inside bulbs adds light for the interior s

RichTech 12” LCD Showcase for Cigarette Advertising

Clear Channels, Inc, one of the biggest cigarette advertising company in Philippine. We designed a specialized 12" transparent LCD showcase for LUCKY STRIKE, a famous cigarette brand in Philippine. The dynamic video on the LCD screen presents the cla