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Go Dynamic with Dubai Plaza

The famous Plaza in Dubai adopts our 22" transparent LCD showcase for its smart phone display solution. All the 11 sets have been used to show the high end products in its shops. The dynamic video adds a lively element in display by introducing the h

42" Transparent LCD Showcase for Reebok

The launch of 42" LCD showcase for Reebok combines a well-known brand with the latest technology, the brand was adopting a “cutting edge of technology” by adding animated element in shoes display. The brand message was reinforced in Reebok’s retail s

3D Showcase Hits Turkey Jewel Market

Ashraf Maraqa, one of the biggest jewel chain with hundred years in Turkey. A traditional jewel shop wanted to add some modern atmosphere in it to fulfill the taste of all ages. A 3D holo showcase is the best choice according to its needs.

Real 3D Animal in UK Entertainment Park

This is a 3D solution provided by RichTech for a entertainment park in UK. When a kid close his 3D code paper to the camera, a 3D image of dinosaur appears on the LCD screen. This advanced technology combines virtual computer-generated imagery with r

Transparent Projection Film in Jewel Chains

Alarmatronic, a partner of jewel stores in Middle East. It adopted the film on the window of the store. The window became a video screen, displaying videos about new design rings or latest news about the brand. Everything is displayed in a more dynam