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Interactive Floor Provides Solutions for the Medical Industry

The entertainment aspects of RichTech’s Interactive Floor are well known, but there are many healthcare and education related solutions as well. The interactive projection system was recently used by a kindergarten in Estonia that caters to children

Kinect in Advertising Solution

Kinect, long considered the realm of science fiction, is finally here. Using tools of this, audiences are now able to put themselves into the entertainment experience. This can be a huge boon for advertisers, since it means that you can get your pote

Touch Frame for Museums Solutions

Museums are are no longer just houses for ancient artifacts. In fact, some of the most popular museums are those that incorporate hands-on, interactive experiences for their visitors. RichTech can provide the solutions for an establishment looking to

RichTech Provides a Virtual Tour for Real Estate

RichTech recently showed off a new application of its virtual reality technology by providing individuals in the real estate industry to host a virtual tour. Rather than requiring potential homebuyers to visit the house site itself, RichTech’s equipm

Interactive Wall System for Interactive Advertising Solution

One of RichTech’s many areas of specialization is in the field of interactive advertising. Multimedia advertising is a great way to add a little bit of spice and innovation to a traditional advertising campaign. Most importantly, interactive advertis