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Unique Interactive Restaurant in Ukraine

Client: Bosmix LLC

Product: Interactive floor system
Date: Sep., 2012

This is a special restaurant located in Ukraine, where provides delicious shrimp pasta, vegetable burritos and other mouth-watering dishes. But the most attractive in the restaurant is not the gourmet, but its unconventional decoration ideas. In the vanity area leading to the dining area of the aisle, RichTech designed a scenario-based interactive experience corridor. When Customers walk in this dream-like corridor, they can easily feel the perfect match of modern style with local traditional culture as well as perfect combination of retro and fashion. This largely enhance the overall quality of the restaurant, attracting more guests to the restaurant.

Client Feedback:

We want our restaurant looks more different with something special, so we adopted RichTech’s interactive floor. The result turned out to be very effective as we expected. Both adults and children love it. Of course, the restaurant’s business also grew a lot. Therefore, I strongly  recommend everyone to cooperate with RichTech.