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Home Solutions RichTech’s Roll Up Projection Banner Technology is the Multimedia Display of Choice
RichTech’s Roll Up Projection Banner Technology is the Multimedia Display of Choice

Roll Up projection banner technology made by RichTech is now what shop owners are choosing to use in their display cases. This leading edge technology is replacing multimedia display technologies such as LCD and LED displays, which simply cannot compete with the advantages offered by the new roll-up banner technologies.

Stores can use the rear projection banner both night and day to help attract customers. During the day, business people can use the roll-up banner inside of the store to display information, advertisements and discounts. At night time, the rear projection banner becomes even more noticeable, and owners can use it on shop windows to let the bright lights and moving images draw attention.

Roll Up Projection Banner for Iphone

The roll up projection banner is lightweight and easy to set up, making it a portable solution that can be moved around from location to location with changing circumstances, light, sales and different events. Retail store owners are becoming keenly aware of all of the benefits that RichTech’s roll-up banner has to offer. They are increasingly replacing other display technologies that are now outdated in comparison.

For instance, a large furniture store in China has recently updated to this roll up projection banner system in each of its 300 chain stores. This owner has recognized that this system is the best that technology has to offer. The banners are also an affordable technology, meaning that even small businesses can see the cost benefit. The cost involved to set up one of these systems is easily recouped with all of the new customers that will be attracted.