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Multi-Touch Table with Air Gesture Control

Among RichTech’s most exciting new projects has been a customized 55-inch multi-touch table with air gesture control. This new product offers a lot of different brand promotion possibilities, and is extremely easy to customize to the individual needs and desires of any given customer. It offers a combination of multi-touch and leap motion technology that allows you to touch individual areas of the screen or to move your finger across the screen in order to operate it.

The Table at A Glance

The multi-touch table represents a major breakthrough in the interactive touch field. Its eye-catching design allows it to draw attention no matter where you place it, and it is lightweight enough that it can be moved reasonably easy. This table is a great way to distinguish your brand from the competition. Sleek and modern looking, it can combine an excellent appearance with the ability to deliver consumer-driven content, making it a terrific way to offer high-level promotion with very little effort on your end.

multi-touch table with leap motion technology

Features of the Product

This product includes a silver gray table with a white operation screen, which is designed to be aesthetically pleasing to almost any eye. The screen is positioned at a 45-degree angle from the table, making it easy to use regardless of the height of the user. Using the screen can be done with one of two systems. The multi-touch system allows the use of more than one finger to operate the screen as desired, allowing for zoom options and the movement of pictures and videos. The leap motion system uses a sensor that is installed at the bottom of the screen. This system allows you to use the touch screen without actually touching it, scanning your movements as you get close to the screen.

How The Product Can Help You

The multi-touch table can help a business raise general awareness and promote its brand by providing something interesting for consumers, combined with a device that provides a lot of utility and information with just a few touches. The multi-touch system can capture several different touches at once, and execute complex orders based on the touch instructions delivered. The leap motion system allows similar control, with the finger appearing as a blue dot over the working area on the screen. Both options provide the ability to manipulate data, open videos and images, and much more.

Customization for Your Business

The multi-touch table is designed in such a way that it can be customized for virtually any business. The screen can be placed at the front of a store to draw in new customers, or it can be strategically located to offer insight to promoted items. This display has non-commercial uses as well. For example, it can make for an amazing exhibit in a science and technology museum, either standing on its own or serving to provide more information about exhibits. The product can be provided in different colors and sizes, or it can be more radically customized via the capable team at RichTech.

Overall, the multi-touch table is a potential breakthrough in promotion and communications. It is a product that can benefit businesses, educators, and the general public as well.