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New LCD Interactive Bar Product

RichTech Systems has recently finished development on the interactive LCD bar. This product features an LCD screen in the place of projectors with a computer installed underneath of the bar to control the LCD display. This newly released product is on the cutting edge of technology and offers a variety of benefits to those who install it.

Why the Interactive LCD Bar Was Developed

Richtech works diligently to understand the needs of their clients. This new interactive bar is much more cost efficient than previous products using projection technology. The LCD does not require the constant maintenance that the projectors do which allows users to save both money and time. The LCD technology also saves space and can be made much thinner. This reduces shipping costs and allows more space for people to sit at the bar and enjoy it. This interactive bar can be used in a wide variety of venues including events, restaurants, bars, hotels, trade shows, clubs and more. Regardless of where this bar is used, it is sure to provide a memorable experience for those who use it.

Interactive bar

Features of the Interactive Bar

This streamlined bar is much slimmer than previous models which gives it more functionality and makes it look more like a traditional bar. The exterior edge of the bar is circled with LED lights giving it a very fashionable, futuristic look that will be a feature of any room’s modern décor. The LEDs help to draw attention to it even in areas with dim lighting. The bar itself is completely water-proof which allows it to be used without worrying about spilled drinks. The interactive LCD bar is easy to both maintain and operate allowing staff without any special technical training to easily get it going without assistance. Lastly, there are now even more effects than ever before which will both attract and astound guests.

Benefits of the Interactive Bar

Once an interactive bar has been installed, the benefits will begin to be seen. This bar technology helps owners to increase their bottom line – more profits for a small initial investment. Customers will be drawn to the business to check out the technology and tell others about it. This excitement will build up a buzz about the venue that encourages even more people to come and check it out with a positive mind set before they even come through the doors. Richtech Systems can customize new solutions according to a client’s specific needs. Their continuing development means that they will be constantly improving on their products at the same time as they develop completely new ones.

The interactive bar allows customers to have a broad range of experiences while enjoying a drink. Patrons can be shown advertising, play games, beautiful displays and more depending on how the bar is programmed. Richtech System is dedicated to providing multimedia technology that allows users to interact with it which is affordable, durable and easy to use. Their new products are constantly being refined and developed making it a business to watch for in coming years.