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Reports from RichTech`s Participation at SGI Dubai

The 17th annual SGI Dubai show ran from January 7th through January 9th, 2014. This show represents the largest and longest running trade show in the Middle East for fields such as signage, graphic imaging, and digital printing. RichTech was on site to unveil a number of their most popular products, including the interactive projection floor, the mini virtual presenter, and the roll up projection banner. Notes from the show are included below.

The Biggest Show in the Middle East

This show is large by any standard and is by far the biggest in the Middle East. The total number of visitors topped 10,000 people over the course of three days, and the attendees came from over 70 different countries. RichTech's demonstrations received rave reviews from visitors around the globe. This was a great chance to show off some of the company's top products, from the bread and butter hardware such as the interactive projection floor to newer creations like mini virtual presenter. This allowed the company to build up new connections, spread the word about the different products offered, and show off the talents of their staff to customers from around the world.

SGI Achievements

RichTech had a lot of success at the show. The company's booth was one of the hottest attractions on the floor and their products left a significant impression on many potential customers. The visitors who came by the company's booth came from virtually every industry, including marketing, retail, automotive, and more. The RichTech exhibits were sold out across the board, and many potential new clients left their business cards so they could follow up and receive additional information about those products in the future. The future relationships with the companies that stopped by the show range from the large-scale purchase of products to the chance to distribute and resell products on a smaller scale.

Looking Toward the Future

All this success means potentially great things on the horizon. The popularity of products such as the interactive floor means that multimedia solutions will play an increasingly important role in the future of marketing. It means more potential partners, which also means more innovations. One possible area for expansion, for example, is the opportunity to create an interactive billboard for advertisers. This also isn't the only show that RichTech will be at. Aside from the SGI Dubai show, the company also plans on traveling the globe and appearing at similar gatherings. Some definite engagements include Sign China in Guangzhou and the Euro Shop in Dusseldorf, Germany, both in February 2014.

Without a doubt, this show was an astounding success that will lead to bigger and better things in the future. Aside from the obvious benefits of having a lot of people coming by the company's booth and viewing the different products offered, it also sparked a lot of potential new partnerships and opened the door to some great opportunities for RichTech and its supporters in the near future.