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Shelf Virtual Presenter Gives Products the Ability to Talk and Play

The Shelf Virtual Presenter is a customized product made for a specific client who asked RichTech to provide a marketing solution. Using a mini projector and some projection display film, this product gives a business a ability to turn a product that is sitting onto the shelf into an interactive display. In the case of the original presenter, the products involved were soda, milk, coca cola and some other drinks. If you want a similar product for a different business, though, this is easily customized.

How the Product Works

The Shelf Virtual Presenter is a brand new product that combines several other pieces of existing RichTech technology. The product involves fixing a mini projector to the back of an acrylic support. The imaging media is then fixed to the front of the support, and a mini presenter is used to deliver sound effects. This helps to make sure that certain stock stands out from the rest of the products on the shelves. Getting a shopper to notice something is more than half the battle in terms of selling a product, so having the extra audio and visual components to your marketing setup is extremely valuable. The more attention you can draw to special products, the more likely they are to sell.

Features of the Shelf Virtual Presenter

The biggest benefit to the Shelf Virtual Presenter is the eye-catching nature of the product. It transforms a typical grocery display into something that a customer will stop and look at, greatly increasing the chances that a sale will be made as a result. The mini presenter setup is portable, and specially designed to fit on shelf space. As long as you can connect it to some power, you will have no problem whatsoever getting the projector going. The presenter and projector system were slightly modified specifically for this product, allowing them to be fixed to the back of the support separately. This allows for a lot of customization, allowing you to tweak the display to your needs and appealing directly to your customers.

What the Shelf Virtual Presenter Brings to You

With so many different products and potential distractions in the supermarket and other large stores, getting customers to notice specific products is sometimes very difficult. The virtual presenter provides a way that can not only help you highlight different products, but can also be used to draw attention to sales and clearances. The mini presenter is cost-effective and created at a high level of quality, giving you at least five years worth of service in a one-time purchase. Most importantly, RichTech has shown a strong ability to customize orders to fit clients’ needs, and can provide professional suggestions to any idea you have.

The Shelf Virtual Presenter shows how a few simple products- in this case a mini presenter and projection film- can be used to create an attractive and interesting sales display. This product was designed specifically for a single RichTech client, but can be customized in many different ways.