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Home Solutions 55 Inches of Wow: The New, Customized, Four Sided Hologram Display
55 Inches of Wow: The New, Customized, Four Sided Hologram Display

In a highly technological society, people want to remain up to date with not only their products, but also the way they feature them to an audience. A customized, 55-inch, four sided hologram showcase will do just that. Using only the most recent and innovative graphic technologies, this product has much to offer its users. In order to keep exhibits up to date and stylish, it is important to buy only the latest and hottest hologram display on the market.

Fresh Features

A hologram showcase can feature products ranging from valuable jewelry to antique statues or collectible items in style. With three-dimensional holographic animation capabilities using the actual scene from a video clip, viewing objects has never been so intriguing. The display is bright, high definition and clearly visible, making this product a perfect solution for enlivening any exhibit. The four sides offer four different, dynamic viewpoints for observers while they view the scene on the inside.

three sided hologram showcase

How it Works

The holographic capabilities of the showcase allow viewers to get a realistic, 3D experience with just requiring a normal video . It does this by displaying light and shadow imaging under the treatment of a 3D imaging device, which in turn causes an illusion that the actual object is suspended in the air. Using a video clip that the owner may set on a loop if desired, it creates high-resolution holographic images of the scene; so high, in fact, that viewers can walk around the system and watch the mirror-image projection from multiple angles.

Different Uses Available

This product is the perfect advertising solution for any event. From large events like trade shows and product launches to more obscure locations like shop windows, there has never been such a modern and versatile showcase. The hologram feature is also a great addition to non-profit events and locations, including exhibitions, pavilions and even high-class museums. It has the ability to feature anything from pearls and jewels to watches, cars, and anything else that a person can catch on camera.

Customize it for each Business

In order to make a hologram display more personal or suited to a specific brand or event, we offer several customization options. It is possible to make the users change various aspects of the showcase’s physical appearance, including its color and size. Users may also choose to add other additional decorations, such as a company logo, to their purchase. Once they had bought their display, they can then customize and change the content to be shown by uploading their own video contents to the system.

A hologram display can offer a fully integrated, 3D holographic platform to any business. Its various customization options set it apart from other displays, and its ease of use makes it readily available to buyers of any technological skill levels. By combining only the most advanced, modern image processing technologies, this display offers a trendy and unique showcase for any type of product on the market.