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Touch Frame for Museums Solutions

Museums are are no longer just houses for ancient artifacts. In fact, some of the most popular museums are those that incorporate hands-on, interactive experiences for their visitors. RichTech can provide the solutions for an establishment looking to enhance its reputation as a multimedia museum. Making the move from a traditional museum to a digital museum will not only attract more visitors, it will help to make content relevant to a new generation of technological learners.

Touch Frame for Museums Solutions

For example, RichTech can design touch screens with touch frame that allow visitors to engage with multimedia museum content. The company can also create interactive games for a digital museum that might be especially appealing for children. Additionally, RichTech can help design video content that can be projected on screens throughout the multimedia museum. For instance, a history museum might want to digitally recreate historical events to appeal to its more visual learners; RichTech can help make this a reality.

Consider, for example, the digital globe that RichTech designed for a science museum in Inner Mongolia, which offers visitors a more accurate and informative view of the world’s topography.

RichTech’s years of experience offer proof of what our company can provide to any multimedia museum. We have served museums with a wide range of specializations, providing multimedia solutions to history museums, technological museums, and cultural museums alike. All of these establishments have testified to the vast improvements RichTech’s technological design has offered, as the digital elements have made exhibits more attractive and inviting to a greater number of people.